Purification and Matrix
The Research Center

As part of the facility, a “Research Study” was designed, aimed at the documentation of the various scientific aspects of the spa therapies, especially in the sector that concerns the purification of our cells and our connective tissue matrix.

Purification and Matrix

The human body possesses important organs dedicated to the purification of the body, such as the liver and kidneys. Good prevention with the right lifestyle may limit fatigue, thus avoiding metabolic, degenerative and aesthetic alterations.

In medicine, the words “purification” and “detoxification” do not have a defined scientific value. The Research Centre for “Purification and Matrix” wishes to contribute to their promotion and definition, lending greater weight to a path of preventative medicine which seems to be at the heart of all the most serious chronic and degenerative diseases, as well as Regenerative Medicine.

The Purification and Matrix Research Centre will be opened in Spring 2019 with the publication of a scientific book and an informational book for the public.

Learn to purify yourself at the San Carlo Springs

The study of ancient documents preserved in the library of the San Carlo Springs brings to light interesting news on the characteristics of its thermal waters, whose true secret lies in the proven preventative and therapeutic actions, especially in the definition of “Histophilic Water”.

Acqua San Carlo and Costmary - The healthy blend for beauty

Costmary is a herb which has been known since ancient times and which has spread through magic, alchemy and medicine due to its incredible therapeutic effects. It is mainly known as “Bible Leaf” because its leaves were kept between the pages of ancient manuscripts to protect them from attack by microorganisms.

Thanks to its properties and the many active ingredients it contains, it has always been used to reduce skin inflammation in wounds and burns, to ease pain, soothe inflammation of the intestine and purify tissue, and it even has relaxing effects on the nervous system.

San Carlo thermal water and Costmary, in a perfect blend of health and beauty.