Did you know?

SAN CARLO WATER 1S BOTTLED AGAIN Eugenio Alphandery, the young boy who used to ride his bicycle toge-ther with his grandfather past Massa and on up te San Carlo to eat fo-caccia and drink water from a spring, would go ori to become president of Officina the oldest such business in Europe, founded by Dominican friars more than 400 years ago. it is he who has opened again the facillty that bottles water qushing from a source of extraordinary quality. And it is thanks to the lovin.g dedication and courage of this far-sighted entrepreneur if the 1936 spa complex of which the great Italian chanteuse Mina was a habituée, is being re-structured with significant investment. The revisited complex. with its own park and amphitheatre, will sacri bear the smells of the Officina and be ready with a water-bottling facility, a wellness centre and a restaurant., plus a new look for the label, which keeps, though, the basiti historic logo depicting a soldier drinking from a bowl. New export destinations - Korea, Russia and the United States -are opening up for San Carlo water thanks te the Alphandery boutique.

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