Its properties

Acqua San Carlo is a mineral water with a low fixed residue
(63 mg/L). It is very light and pleasant-tasting.
It is microbiologically pure
It has a constant flow

It is defined as histophilic because of its detoxifying action. Acqua San Carlo is bottled exclusively in glass in respect of the environment and nature, and to guarantee the preservation of its chemical-physical and microbiological properties such as taste and freshness.

The glass bottles are 100% recyclable. The sizes produced are 25 cl, 75 cl, and 100 cl and is available natural, as it comes from the spring, or with the addition of carbon dioxide.

Its light taste also makes it the ideal table water, capable of not altering the gastric Ph and with a quantity of dissolved oxygen useful for cellular metabolism.
The sodium/potassium ratio, superimposable with the physiological ratio of human plasma, guarantees a deep depuration, which makes this water a valid ally also for skin and tissue health.

San Carlo water, from Zonder spring, has recognized therapeutic properties and for this reason it it will be available soon only in Pharmacy.

Zonder Bottle

San Carlo water is suitable for people for all ages, due to the physical and chemical characteristics, bacteriological purity and lightness. Water is a very important element for humans. It makes up around 70% of the human body. It is recommended to consume around 2 liters of water every day.

The percentage of water changes in the tissues and organs of our body
infografica vettoriale human body
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Acqua San Carlo is defined as histophilic, in other words capable of having an effective detoxifying action on the tissue. Drunk constantly, it helps to purify and regenerate our body. Our innovative health programs aim to bring back, through water, a complete rebalancing of body, mind and spirit to rediscover a healthy and conscious lifestyle.