The Production

The redevelopment project in the San Carlo mining concession area was headed up by Eugenio Alphandery, owner and president of the San Carlo S.p.A.
The opening of the new bottling plant and the entire complex adjacent to the natural park marked the start of a new period for the place.
San Carlo mineral water is bottled exclusively in glass containers, because only glass preserves the extraordinary chemical, physical, microbiological and organoleptic properties of our water.
In 2022, San Carlo with the Tuscan chef Michele Martinelli, starts the production of a new fermented beverage made with green tea and wild aromatic herbs typical of the Tuscan hills: Fermento Vivenda.

The Park

Who looks for purification and well-being, will find in San Carlo Terme a place where mind and spirit blend in perfect harmony with the surrounding environment. This path develops through our park, located in the Apuan Alps region, a Unesco world heritage site. It is here that the spring of San Carlo water flows: low in mineral content and microbiologically pure.
Walking along the park we will show you the different points of interest: the amphitheater, where we host events and book presentations; the gardens, rigorously sprinkled with our water and the three springs Aurelia, Zonder and Tiberia, a true therapeutic path. A large space is dedicated to the cultivation of officinal herbs such as thyme, lavender, lemon balm.
Inside the park, it is also possible to stop in panoramic areas where you can have the picnic basket carefully prepared by the San Carlo restaurant.


from Monday to Friday from 9.00 am – 17.00 pm

Saturday, Sundays and festivity from 10.30 am – 18.30 pm

Park Regulations

The Restaurant
Logo Ristorante San Carlo

Opened in April 2022, the restaurant is managed by chef Roberto De Franco and offers dishes linked to the flavors of the territory.

Open every day for dinner.

Saturday and Sunday also open for lunch.
Closed on Tuesday.