The Mother is life

The beverage Fermento Vivenda is the fruit of an exclusive recipe created by Tuscan chef Michele Martinelli which is brewed in Acqua SanCarlo mineral water.
It is made and bottled onsite at the San Carlo Thermal Springs complex in Massa Carrara, with the low mineral content, light and microbiologically pure Acqua San Carlo water, Aurelia source, as the main ingredient.
Fermento Vivenda is a fermented beverage made with green tea, spontaneous aromatic herbs, berries and flowers that grow in the Tuscan hills.
The basis of this drink is the natural fermentation process that occurs through the mother, which is an endless source of life.
So, what is the mother?
It’s a culture made up of yeasts and probiotics that live in symbiosis, turning the mixture into a pleasantly effervescent fermented drink.
You can see the mother, a thin elatine disc, within the bottle, an indication that the natural fermentation process taking place contains live bacteria.
Fermento Vivenda helps your digestion, contributes to your gastrointestinal well-being and is an excellent boost to your immune system.
Thanks to its particularly fresh scented aromatic flavor, you can enjoy Fermento Vivenda anytime of the day.
Serving temperature: 6°- 8° C
Do not shake before opening.

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